Vomit, body odour, mental health issues, complaints about little kids audibly enjoying themselves for half an hour a week, the challenge of explaining to someone why they owe a three-figure fine. And dealing with violence. It’s all here, folks. This is how it is.

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    this is why i’m scared. (part, anyway…)
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    No one, no one, can teach you how to handle everything that comes up. Because every patron is a different situation. You...
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    Oh man, I thought my war stories were bad, but I have NOTHING on someone shitting in a book.
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    You could fill a book with things library school didn’t teach me. You could fill a library.
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    That’s my Tuesday. I hope an MLIS will teach me useful skills, not just, “Sir, you really can’t watch porn on our...
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    How to convince a person that no one actually is going to seek them out and besmirch their golden reputation.
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